What we do?

Better Life works with more than 5000 people of 5 Districts of different communities spread across the country,  typically inhabited by different caste and tribal groups. The area is hilly and semi-arid, with poor infrastructure. 84% of the population are subsistence farmers who struggle to make a living from their small landholdings. Increasing numbers of problems to peoples having below poverty line income, has brought problems like malnutrition which affects full fledged development of mental and physical health of a child.


These communities suffers from a lack of clean drinking water and poorly functioning health and education facilities. Malnutrition is rife, particularly among young children. In this patriarchal society, women continue to face domestic violence and illiteracy and they lack socio-political and financial independence.


Better Life has built up teams of experts in a number of disciplines who use their skills in the service of the people of our area. Better Life believes in not just delivering aid, but in long-term and sustainable social transformation.


We hope that you will look through the window of our website and discover how Better Life works with the marginalized people .