What we do?

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Bank Name: Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.

Branch Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal Account Holder: Better Life Social Organization

Account Number: 01201020256278 International Swift Code: NIBLNPKT

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What we do?

Better Life (BLSO) is a social organization based in Nepal, dedicated to bringing help to destitute people. BLSO’s operating philosophy is non-political, non-religious and non-governmental.

Vision and Mission

* To raise the standard living of all children to at least subsistence level * To help and encourage children to attain a minimum level of education * To demonstrate the skills required for survival through the provision of support for education, clothing and nutrition
BLSO is always eager to give a hand to those children who believe they have no future and are in great need of help to attain a minimum level of security and knowledge. Most parents are unable to send their children to school due to their very low income or absence of income. BLSO gives support and helps these children make a first step towards school attendance. BLSO, which was established in 2011, first carried out a study to ascertain the situation of those people living in remote areas. What was noted was the lack of education and suffering amongst children who have nothing and no hope. Many families in these areas have less than the subsistence minimum and there is no possibility of their children being able to go to school.
BLSO’s goal is to dedicate itself completely in the domains of education, agriculture and health and to help those people of insufficient means who are seeking help from society.
We are therefore seeking assistance from international sponsors to bring these projects to a successful conclusion. We think that we are ideally placed to be able to forge the necessary links between those people in need and local associations who have a deep understanding of the environment and the needs of the Nepalese people.
We are taking the time to promote our organization through email and the Internet. We plan to visit the places where our assistance is required. We pay great attention to where we should target our effort and involvement to be of most benefit to society. We are unified in our belief that we must encourage people to take responsibility for taking steps to improve their own lives. We currently have 9 hard working, dedicated volunteers working with us.
Up until now we have been operating in eastern Nepal, focusing mainly on children in remote country districts, who are completely without hope and have no future. We are here to help them build a future. Please Help us
We believe we can help the Nepalese people to build a better future by providing a trustworthy and valuable bridging mediation service.
In order for us to carry out this valuable work we are in urgent need of donations.

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BLSO Nepal

Kusunti -13, Lalitpur Nepal 

Tel: 977 98510 91049



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