Information for Volunteers

Better Life Social Organization provides humanitarian assistance to the needy. These are individuals, or households that suffer physically and emotionally due to a lack of economic opportunity. Hardships and diminishing economic opportunities lead to feelings of hopelessness and depression for many, even as they struggle to provide an education and better life for their children. For many, survival is dependent on outside assistance. BLSO wishes to create a mediating bridge to connect the less fortunate with donors. For this reason, BLSO organizes volunteer tours for potential donors and volunteers. We introduce them to the less fortunate in our community.

Our co-sponsor organization, Sky Touch Travels and Tours, will arrange your travel program. We have many needy families that we care for. Sky Touch and BLSO  will partner to tour the areas most in need. As you witness the reality of lives lived in poverty, know that your small donations or sponsorship has the power and potential to change the future for the needy people in rural areas.

Our volunteer program is fully committed to serving the community. If you are interested, please visit Nepal. We warmly welcome you.