Volunteer Tour

Better Life always sees for lower level people who are seeking humanitarian assistance because of their low income. Person gets much suffering moments when he or she does see the way difficult to run daily life as well as giving education to their children because of day by day poor income and decreasing economic condition. If they are not getting any assistance from human then they feel much frustrated and will get finally depressed. Therefore, human must care human. Better Life is a kind of organization which is always wishing to create a mediating bridge to connect two edges donors and seekers. For this, Better Life organizes volunteer tour for those people who want to come to Nepal and physically want to meet poor people of this community.

To coordinate with this program and to make sustain to Better Life, our co-sponsor organization, Sky Touch Travels and Tours, will see and arrange your travel program. We have many troublesome people near our sight and will make them to visit in the areas where they feel and see the reality of poor’s real life which we want to introduce to our international community to ignite you with making feelings of donating. So far so good, your small donation or sponsoring intensity might change the future and life style of very much needy people of rural areas. Our volunteer program will be totally connected with community serving movement or community development movement. In between if anyone shows interest to help to needy people then we happily welcome to their well concept visiting Nepal to extend big hand. For their pleasurable and comfortable landing in Nepalese land and staying we welcome by heart and with warm greetings and we respect and cooperate inches of their step during the period.