Water Project One


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Water Project One


The Pure Drinking Water Project is a proposal from Letang Village Development Committee (VDC).
Although Nepal is rich in water resources, there are many areas without access to safe drinking water. The local authorities and the government have done little to solve this problem, mainly because of a budget shortage.
People are compelled to drink dirty water from the river, pond, or any other available nearby source.
The Pure Drinking Water Project will benefit 45 houses from the Letang Village, situated in the Morang District, in the eastern part of Nepal.
The Morang District has rivers, mountains, fountains as well as many other water resources; however, the villages in this district need to purify the water they drink. Due to lack of economic support, it has been impossible to develop a water purifying project.
In the 21st century, people in Letang are still living in the Dark Ages. There are many problems in the present situation. In the rainy season the water mixes with all the dirt and this dirty water expands to all the surroundings. People in these surroundings do not have other options than to drink this dirty water.
The Letang VDC has started to collect money from these 45 houses, however they were not able to collect enough to start the project. With no jobs available, the people in Letang are in dire straits.
The project consists in building a tank big enough to store purified drinking water for all these houses. The estimated total cost of the tank is $25,000(US), of which 35% will be collected from these families. The remaining 65% will be viable only with the help of donors.
Better Life Social Organization (aka Better Life) has seen this delicate situation, and is fighting to find a solution. We appeal to the generosity of the international society, because only with your help will we be able to give the people of Letang the opportunity to have a better life!

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