Gas Explosion Displaces Riverside Families


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Gas Explosion Displaces Riverside Families

We are very sorry to convey this message to our all of our supporters and volunteers. The people of Riverside, who have struggled to obtain the basic necessities of daily living, have now lost what little shelter and belongings they had due to an unfortunate accident. Their homes were destroyed from a gas explosion fire. BLSO is taking steps to ensure all the children can continue with school while their parents go to work in construction, garbage collection, or on the farms. Ten houses are totally destroyed and they do not have any clothes for their infants. I have seen the aftermath of this tragedy with my own eyes. The tears of the helpless victims were a heartbreaking sight. It was only 4 months ago, that we were able to create some hope for these families by providing tents to shelter them from the rain. As coordinator of this organization, I felt very honored to help them. I appeal to all supporters to assist us in helping them now, in this critical situation. Please, any support from individuals to collect clothing, household materials or tents is much appreciated and needed to save these lives.

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