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Bank Name: Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.

Branch Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal Account Holder: Better Life Social Organization

Account Number: 01201020256278 International Swift Code: NIBLNPKT

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1.   Why to choose Better Life to make medium to help poor people of Nepal?

Answer: Better Life is an honest and liable organization which understands the sentiment of sponsors and needy people for making to raise their life standard.

2.   What is the goal of Better Life and its intensity to establish?

Answer: The goal of Better Life is to bring acquisition of understanding the meaning of life and importance of professionalism. For this to train people from grass root level to their young age not to get hassle and frustration without being jobless or skilled person.

3.  What does see Better Life before sponsoring people in the area and in return what it looks?

Answer: The motto of Better Life is to make comfortable to the people for their sustainment and survival. This organization will be always consciously looking these things and studies the areas of being living people in the low level of income and are not accessible to find the benefits of the state and suffering much because of not having sources of earning or getting very difficult to run daily life from the available sources. Better Life thinks on these issues or cases to be present and it is necessary to assist these people. Better Life follows up in the places or people where and whom it looks the implementation of assisting investment is correctly utilized or not by the concerned people and they are happy or not from its assistance.

4.  Why to sponsor or donate by the donors in Nepal in education and agriculture sectors?

Answer: In Nepal, still people are low line of poverty and cannot afford to their children to send to them school and there is no area even to work to them. Job opportunity is very limited and labor job also is limited and who are doing also will not be enough to survive with covering all the expenses for passing regular life such as education for children, two times food, wearing clothes, medicines, living cottage and other additional. The people who are made the main income source to agriculture also not giving the environment of passing happy life because of their investing cost gets higher than selling cost and they must suffer with borrowing loans half of a year. And then how much earn at last by selling crops again starts paying these loans, so they are passing very difficult life. Therefore, donations from the donors companies or individual supports may give them life to make educated their children or to engage with modernized agricultural system so that they might get saved some earnings.

5.   After donating or sponsoring will believe or not to Better Life?

Answer: Better Life clears all doubts of our well wishers that we are a registered organization with the government of Nepal. We want to settle for long term run and to earn reputation in the field with making good utilization of financial aid or other sources. We only think for better of Nepalese low income people and our tears will flow along with their tears so we want to make dry their tears so that we can also smile with them. We believe in reason and facts what we want to introduce to the national and international society to stick up with reaching up to our motto and to go ahead with other more projects to support governmental sector from our non-governmental sector.

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